Human Rights Protectors in La Crosse, WI

The history of living with a disability in the United States has largely been one of discrimination, segregation, and exclusion from education, work, housing, and even routine daily activities. Fortunately, today, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) have the same basic legal, civil, and human rights as other citizens.

However, limitations, poor enforcement, limited funding of programs, disregard for binding legal precedent, and societal prejudices keep many people with disabilities from being fully included in our society. The Arc of La Crosse in Wisconsin knows there’s still a lot of work to do to make true community integration and recognition of civil rights a reality for ALL.

Why This Matters

Disability rights are human rights. Everyone deserves to be included and live a full life in their community. Many people with I/DD experience multiple risk factors for human and civil rights violations. Attitudes, poor enforcement of the law, under-funded programs, and fiscal difficulties in state and local government budgets all contribute to the ongoing need to be vigilant advocates for full inclusion and equality.

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What The Arc Is Doing

The Arc of La Crosse works to promote and protect hard-won civil rights protections. We pull up a seat at the table at every opportunity where implementation or enforcement of civil rights laws comes under attack, revision, or improvement. The Arc’s Public Policy Goals outline recommendations on promoting and protecting the civil rights of people with I/DD, and our commitment to rights is core to every topic we advocate at the federal level. Our non-profit organization works with the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities who advocate on a wide variety of matters involving the civil rights of individuals with disabilities.

How You Can Help

You can help this cause in many ways. There are donations, and you can always share our information via social media, but there are other methods. Simply staying informed, researching on your own, or sharing your own stories can impact the surrounding community. You can always get to meet with us here at The Arc of La Crosse to get directly involved. Come talk with us today to learn more!